We have experience when it comes to the assembly and maintenance of low voltage electric boards, cable laying and instrumentation. We design the basic engineering and its plans; we provide electric cabinets, instrumentation networks and electric equipment.

We are in charge of the planning, installation, commissioning and programming of the leading brands of PLCs, HMIs and industrial networks. RAYFOC is not commercially attached to any equipment supplier of this area. That is why the choice of equipment is not conditioned by the experience or the commercial interests of a particular brand; it is rather defined by the necessities of the application, the client’s budget or personal choices.

We provide design and programming services for monitoring systems and control and data acquisition (SCADA) to indicate the operators the actions that need to be taken. In addition to performing maintenance of existing platforms, we implement solutions developed from the main monitoring software.

We develop human-machine interfaces (HMI), which depending on the type of industry; can be implemented with different commercial SCADAS.

RAYFOC has experience in the engineering and installation of remote measurement systems. In this kind of industries, it is common for customers not to be physically present during the process, so the systems we develop are able to monitor information from a database or from a PC anywhere in the world. We develop centralized systems to manage database and analysis tools and, at the same time, obtain this data from another physical location.

RAYFOC integrates data acquisition systems on plant, with ERP systems; or the customized design of management systems for each particular company. The information produced by the control systems must be shown in the most effective way, so that it can be used by supervisors, managers and directors. The management software we develop responds to these specific needs.